Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Great Plains

Map.The Great Plains of the United states of America_just one of MANY versins of the boundaries
The first thing I did when deciding to paint a project centered in the Great Plains, was to find out where the boundaries of the Plains are! What a surprise to find MANY, MANY maps, each with slightly different boundaries. As an artist, I LOVE THAT! There is a certain sort of "freedom" in undetermined boundaries. It almost feels like I have a "say" in just WHERE the Great Plains are. The vaugueness of a boundary actually complements my project title.,
Passing America: The Great Plains
For the next two years, I will be "passing" through different parts of the plains. I will be a passenger in a car or train, and I will be PAINTING ON THE MOVE, while driving by...yes, call it "DRIVE-BY PAINTING". Creating original oil paintings this way will be an exercise in observation...QUICK observation, because the view out my window will be ever fluid and changing. ALL OF THIS is meant to magnify the theme PASSING. Not only will I end up with about  150 works of art, but I hope to symbolize the "passing" of an important aspect of America.
 When I painted Last Year on the Farm I first got a sense of the change as our family's way of life came to an end. As I traveled with the exhibit and met hundreds of people who were experiencing the same thing, I wanted to continue the next chapter of the story. A story not told for the sake whining about loss, but to encourage strength to those hanging on to a noble way of life, and a hopefulness about what might be ahead....please become a follower of this blog, and my Small Works Blog (a painting a day, there). I love comments (especially good ones!). ...or you can email me


  1. This is great Virginia! But I knew it would be - I'm thrilled to be following, admiring, studying and learning as you are painting on the move.

    One of these days maybe you can have a sort of hay ride - a wagon of artists - learning to paint on the move but in slow motion on the wagon instead of in the back of your truck in the camper ;-)

    God Bless you as you begin this wonderful adventure!

  2. I love this idea and will be watching as you document your journey.

  3. When I saw that video on Youtube that the tv station did about your last day on the farm I cried. You are very brave and your heart is huge to put yourself through that exercise for a year. My Stetson is off to you! Love your work very much, too.