Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon_Jan 31 2010

"Blue Moon Passing Lubbock"__6x8 oil study drive-by
A full moon over the plains is a special sight. I painted this one in a sort of hurry, since I wanted to snap a lot of pictures. The sun was going down as the moon rose, and it was perfect light for my camera.
My camera is a Canon Power Shot S3 1S . 6 megaapixels...It is covered with paint and I take it with me everywhere and do EVERYTHING with it. I shoot at night. I shoot while moving in the car. I shoot all the pictures on my blogs, I shoot video at football games and wedding proposals!...This camera is my 4th Canon, and my second PowerShot. I cannot say enough great things about it! My daughter just bought the little stylish PowerShot (10 megapixels!) and she loves it, too! I think I will ALWAYS have a Canon PowerShot...if anybody know anyone at Canon, please tell them THANK YOU for a great product!!!