Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon_Jan 31 2010

"Blue Moon Passing Lubbock"__6x8 oil study drive-by
A full moon over the plains is a special sight. I painted this one in a sort of hurry, since I wanted to snap a lot of pictures. The sun was going down as the moon rose, and it was perfect light for my camera.
My camera is a Canon Power Shot S3 1S . 6 megaapixels...It is covered with paint and I take it with me everywhere and do EVERYTHING with it. I shoot at night. I shoot while moving in the car. I shoot all the pictures on my blogs, I shoot video at football games and wedding proposals!...This camera is my 4th Canon, and my second PowerShot. I cannot say enough great things about it! My daughter just bought the little stylish PowerShot (10 megapixels!) and she loves it, too! I think I will ALWAYS have a Canon PowerShot...if anybody know anyone at Canon, please tell them THANK YOU for a great product!!!


  1. I've been reading back over your last few blogs....interesting. I will be following your journal and photos. Oh, and curious is that blue moon Jan 31...or Dec 31?

  2. Hya, love the simplicity of this, it's got lovely balance and very serene