Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Favorite Plains Painting far, this is my favorite painting of the plains as I am "Passing America"... I am posting it again so it will be at the top of my blog!
In May (right now!) I am taking THREE road trips through the plains...May 13-17 I will be in the Texas Panhandle, covering the entire Texas Plains Trail. I will create new "drive by" paintings for my exhibit in Fall 2011.
The following week (May 20 - 23) I will be flying to Omaha and heading west across the plains...not sure where I will end up, but I have a handsome driver for that one :)
Please stay tuned, and if you want to read about this painting above, scroll down to Nov. 13... That is when I first posted this and tell the story of painting it...
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Watch the Texas Country Reporter episode about Last Year on the Farm. They told the story from a nice angle, and it explains (indirectly) how "Passing America..." is an extension of the farm project. if you want to mail me directly


  1. I love the subtle colors and the simplicity of the painting - very powerful. This is one of my favorites also.

  2. This is a simple yet flavorful representation of the plains.