Sunday, December 27, 2009

Plains Trip #2__Snyder at Sunrise

Snyder at Sunrise__a photograph on the plains...
This is the first post on my SECOND official trip dedicated to my next big exhibit "Passing America: The Great Plains"....scroll to bottom and read from there-up to get the proper context...
Here we were when the sun came up on the first day as we traveled thru the High Plains of second "official trip "Passing America"... I was seeing signs along the way, designating the Texas High Plains Trail. It seemed to turn east at Post, TX, so I made a note to try to persuade the family to drive that way on the way home (one of them is bound to read this post and help me lobby our driver :)
The drive has been lit up with Christmas decorations here and there. It's neat when one lone homestead is outlined with lights and you can see it for miles.
We have discussed "farms vs. ranches" and what's the difference. Our old place was called a FARM...because it spent over 35 years as a dairy farm, we kept calling it that, though, at the end it was more of a ranch, with cattle grazing and no crops except hay...It's an interesting discussion...Farm? or Ranch?

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